Boarding Contract

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Boarding Contract Form

General Terms: Mermaid Vet Hospital will exercise responsible care for the safety of your pet, and to keep the boarding premises safe and properly enclosed. Pets will be fed and watered regularly, and housed in clean, safe quarters. Mermaid Vet Hospital cannot guarantee against accidents, and we cannot be liable for loss or damage caused by or to our pet guests at this facility. Owner agrees to be solely responsible for any and all attacks or damage caused by owners' pet while it is at this facility. If said animal should injure itself in an escape attempt, refuse food, soil itself, become ill, or die while in the hospital, I will hold Mermaid Vet Hospital and staff free of all responsibility and/or liability in the absence of gross negligence.

Payment/Nonpayment: The Mermaid Vet Hospital charges for boarding space by the day. Owner agrees to pay the rate for boarding in effect on the day the pet is checked into the resort. Payment balance is due upon checkout. If any charges are not paid when due, interest will accrue at 1.5% per month, or the maximum rate allowed by law. All collection expenses, including attorney fees, will be paid by the owner.

Check in/out Times: Check out time is by 10:00 AM. Any pet checked out before 10:00 AM will not be charged the boarding fee for the day of check out. Any pet checked out after 10:00 AM will be charged for the day of check out. Check in and check out times are only during normal appointment hours. There are no Sunday check outs.

Personal Items: We make every effort possible to make your pet feel at ease while he/she is staying with us. The %practicename% does not recommend bringing personal items from home as they may get lost in the laundry or soiled. %practicename% is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.

Vaccinations: Vaccinations are for the protection of your pet, we cannot make exceptions to vaccination requirements. If proof of vaccination is not on file or provided from another veterinarian, the pet will be vaccinated and examined at the owner's expense on the arrival date, and has higher risk of contracting an illness during their stay. I understand that all animals hospitalized for boarding and medical procedures are required to be treated for external parasites with Capstar. This is not only for the comfort and safety of my pet but also for other pets in the hospital. I further understand that all animals staying overnight must be currently vaccinated for rabies, bordetella, flu and species specific distemper.

Abandonment: If the pet is not called for within 10 days after the designated checkout time, the pet will be considered abandoned and will be handled in accordance with state law. All adoption fees and other incurred expenses will be the responsibility of the owner.

Deposit: We require a non-refundable deposit equal to 50% of the boarding fees at the same time the reservation is made. This deposit guarantees the space for specified guest. All days reserved will be charged for in full, even in the event of late drop off or early return. If an extended stay is required there may be additional fees above routine boarding rates.

Geriatric Pets: Older pets may experience additional stress in the lodging environment. We are devoted to providing exceptional care for guests, including geriatric pets. Your signature acknowledges that you are aware of and accept all age-related risks to your pet.

Medications: Medications, supplements, or other items will be administered for an additional fee as directed, but medications must be presented in their original containers with instructions for administration.

Treatment Authorization: The owner agrees that Mermaid Vet Hospital, in its discretion, give first aid, medication, or other attention we deem it necessary for the health, and safety of your pet. We are authorized by the owner to provide veterinary care, including emergency care, at the owner's expense. If we believe that your pet is in need of care, time permitting we will attempt to contact you before providing that care, but this document serves as our authorization to provide veterinary care for your pet in the event we are unable to reach the owner. The owner is responsible for expenses of veterinary care, whether or not you have been reached in advance. Your signature on this authorization permits Mermaid Vet Hospital to make reasonable care decisions regarding your pet; and the owner agrees to pay for all costs incurred for such treatment. In the unlikely event that a pet passes away while a guest of Mermaid Vet Hospital we will contact you and discuss your options of body care with you.

I understand that my pet will be bathed at my expense ($20) prior to release in the event they soil him/herself.

In the event of a hurricane evacuation, we must have an alternative person of contact who is able to pick up you pet(s) within an hour of a mandatory evacuation issuance. We will not have staff on premises to care for your pet(s) during a hurricane requiring evacuation.

Monitoring: Staffing at Mermaid Vet Hospital varies by season and days. If at any time a staff member is not present on the premises, the hospital is locked, monitored by an off-site fire alarm company. For staff safety, dogs are not walked between the hours of 9 pm and 6 am.

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Check In Information

$4/day. *Medication on twice a day schedule. Additional $4/medication for additional administrations
$5/day for hospital supplied food
Bath (includes Nails, Anal Glands, & Ear Cleaning) ($50)