Our Covid-19 Protocol

During this difficult time, protecting the health and well-being of our clients and employees is a priority.

  1. We are going back to indoor office visits, allowing one client (not showing any COVID-related symptoms) per appointment for Doctor Exam appointments. There will be limited time slots for “In-room” appointments due to taking precautions to avoid overlapping appointments. The curbside appointments are still available.
  2. Please call from the parking lot when you arrive (772-925-1625). We will update you once the previous appointments are done and cleaning has been completed to invite you inside for your appointment.
  3. Technician appointments will remain curbside service.
  4. Masks are mandatory in exam rooms and in the lobby/waiting area regardless of your vaccine status.
  5. Our team is following enhanced cleaning protocols.

We also provide concierge service for clients who choose to do so.

Please understand that this will not in any way affect the quality of care we will provide to our patients, but will allow us to remain open so that we may continue to treat your furry loved ones.

Appointments, walk-ins, and emergencies will be seen as follows:

  1. When you arrive in the parking lot, call our main phone line at 772-925-1625.
  2. Our technicians will go through a full history of your pet over the phone and establish what concerns need to be addressed during the visit.
  3. A technician will come out to your vehicle to pick up your pet and bring him/her into the hospital for the doctor’s exam.
  4. Once the doctor has seen your pet, the technician will call you with the results of the exam including any recommendations and an estimate for treatment. Please ask any questions you may have at this time.
  5. A technician will then return your pet to your car, go over any medications prescribed, schedule a follow-up appointment if needed, and receive payment.

Please note that for your pet’s safety we will be bringing our own slip-type leash for dogs to be used in addition to the leash you currently have in place, and all cats must be secured inside a carrier.

Meet the Team of Mermaid Vet Hospital

Meet the Veterinarians & Team of Mermaid Vet Hospital! We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

Mermaid Vet Hospital Reviews

Mermaid Vet Hospital Team

We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets!

team member wearing mask and holding dog

Dr. Peter Mosites


Dr. Mosites (sounds like “bronchitis”) received his DVM from Ross University in 2015, after completing his clinical year at the University of Minnesota.

He practiced for several years as an ER veterinarian in San Antonio, TX before moving to Florida to open his own relief practice Lone Wolf Veterinary Services, LLC.

He enjoys traveling, spending time with his wife Dr. Reina Hagstrom and their dogs. He also enjoys reading comic books, building LEGO, the Minnesota Vikings and telling himself that someday, he’ll take up surfing.

In addition to his work with Mermaid Vet Hospital, Dr. Mosites continues to practice as a relief veterinarian and serves as a Captain in the Army Reserve Veterinary Corps.

team member wearing mask and holding dog

Dr. Reina Hagstrom


Dr. Hagstrom received her DVM from Ross University, after completing her clinical year at the Murdoch University in Western Australia.

She was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, and moved to Idaho to complete her undergraduate degree.

Together with Dr. Mosites, she practiced several years as an ER veterinarian in San Antonio, TX before moving down to Florida.

Although not common among veterinarians, she is especially passionate about pet dental procedures and someday plans on opening a Mermaid dental clinic.

She enjoys traveling, spending time with the family, keeping up with Orange theory, and of course, transforming into a mermaid in the water!

team member wearing mask and holding dog

Dr. Vivian Braun


Dr. Vivian Braun received her DVM from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine, after completing her clinical year at the University of Florida.

Before going into the Veterinary field, Dr. Braun spent time doing field research with dolphins as well as being an intern zookeeper for birds and reptiles.

Dr. Braun enjoys photography and can be seen taking pictures of birds and scenery on any given day. She is still learning how to properly use the camera settings. On her days off, Dr. Braun can usually be found reading, drinking tea, catching up on TV shows, attempting to help Link defeat Ganondorf, or wandering the beach.

She has yet to master jumping in any video game.

team member wearing mask and holding dog

Tiffany Besancon

Veterinary Technician

Tiffany has been a technician for 22 years and enjoys it to this day for many reasons. It is anything but monotonous… Most days you never know what’s going to happen despite what it says on the appointment schedule. She enjoys getting to help our patients grow into healthy adults, and help them when they are feeling ill.

Tiffany also takes a special interest in surgery, especially when it means correcting a problem that prolongs our 4 legged family members lives.

Outside of work, Tiffany enjoys spending time outdoors with her family. Together, they go four-wheeling, boating, camping, and host events with their land conservation chapter of NWTF (National Wildlife Turkey Federation).

team member wearing mask and holding dog

Alyssa Hobbs

Veterinary Technician

Alyssa has been a veterinary technician since 2018. She is originally from North Carolina and moved to Florida in pursuit to fulfill her passion for animals ( and her love of warm weather).

Alyssa loves helping pets in need, she has 2 dogs, 4 cats, 2 leopard geckos, and a tortoise. She finds joy in being there for all pets and being there for their owners.

In her free time, she spends sunny days at the beach or pursuing her “ somewhat” hidden passion for different art mediums.

team member wearing mask and holding dog

Corina Konieczko

Veterinary Technician

Corina comes from a military family. She was born in Seattle, then spent many of her younger years stationed in Germany, before coming to Vero Beach, FL in 1990 and graduating from VBHS in 2000. Growing up her family had several pets, including cats, pit bulls, and Rottweilers.

As a teenager, one of her pet dogs hurt himself and required surgery. She was lucky enough to be allowed to observe.

However, during the surgery, an unexpected complication arose and a second doctor had to rush in to assist the first in correcting the situation.

Once resolved, the surgeon returned to completing the surgery and successfully recovered her pet. Still infused with adrenaline and impressed with the staff’s response, Corina knew she had found her calling…

Corina is now a mother of 4 human children, 3 doggie babies, and 2 kitty babies. She doesn’t think her life would be complete without dogs and cats. “Some people are cat people, some are dog people, I’m not happy without both.”

team member wearing mask and holding dog

Sara Tiffany

Veterinary Technician

Sara has been a vet assistant since 2008.

She first realized she wanted a career in the veterinary field when she was 2 years old.

Sara has a passion for surgery, especially dental work. She loves that there is always more to learn and she strives to learn something new every day.

When Sara is not working she is either playing video games or spending time with family and friends.

She has a dog, a cat, 4 leopard geckos, a blue tongue skink, a California kingsnake, multiple fish tanks (both fresh and saltwater), and 2 axolotls.

Photo Coming Soon

Sailor Ayers

Veterinary Assistant

Sailor began her career in the veterinary field in the spring of 2020 and loved it! She chose veterinary medicine because of her love for animals and passion for helping those in need. She has four dogs and a sphynx cat and a habit of adding more fur babies to her family. Sailor is currently attending college to pursue her dream of becoming a registered nurse and then shortly after accomplishing that, going back to school to complete her nurse practitioning. She still plans to be involved in the veterinary field after she graduates from nursing school!