Pet Additional Services

Our veterinary team offers additional services to improve your pet’s overall quality of life.
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Additional Services
at Mermaid Vet Hospital

Our team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians provides services ranging from OFA Certifications to urgent care exams to ensure they live a happy and healthy life under your care.

Health Certificates (USDA certified)

Depending on the destination, there may be vaccines or tests that are needed for your pet to enter the country. Every county has different requirements and different timelines. Unfortunately, these timelines and requirements also frequently change. Once you have settled on your travel plans please give us a call to schedule your Interstate/International Health Certification consultation!

Urgent Care Exams

Just like people, pets can experience accidents and injuries that require emergency care. However, sometimes it may be difficult to determine if your pet is experiencing a trauma that warrants a visit to urgent care or if their symptoms are those of something less serious. If you are unsure whether your pet is in need of veterinary urgent care, please call us.

In-House and Online Pharmacy

We are here to make sure your pet always has the things they need to live a happy and healthy life. Our pharmacy is stocked full of the products you need. At our pharmacy, you can request refills for things like Flea & Tick Preventatives, Prescriptions, Nutritional Supplements, and Prescription Diet Pet Food!

OFA Certification
We can x-ray your dog’s hips for hip dysplasia and elbows at 2 years of age. We will forward these radiographs to the OFA, where board-certified radiologists will evaluate and grade your dog’s hips for OFA Certification.

Travel with peace of mind that your loved one will be well cared for, with their veterinarian mere feet away in an emergency. We have private boarding in runs for medium and large dogs, kennels for small dogs, and “cat condos” for our feline friends! Bathing and limited grooming are available for boarding pets and medication administration and management diagnostics are available for patients with long-term conditions.

At this time we have limited boarding availability. Please contact us to check availability or visit Orchid Island Dog Spa.

Phovia Light Therapy

Phovia is a novel way to manipulate the function of cells within the dermis and epidermis, to reduce inflammation but still accelerate regeneration.

It is a two-part system, comprising a LED lamp and a chromophore gel, used together, they produce multi-wavelength fluorescent light energy that can penetrate the skin to variable depths. Unlike other systems, Phovia is capable of triggering different beneficial responses at different levels.